Snow, Snow and more Snow

So what a tricky week this has been, for the first time in goodness knows how long we have been inundated with appalling weather conditions across the whole country. Most years in the UK we get a day of snow but 2018 has really been Snowmageddon with the Beast from the East. Unusually the snow […]

Chapter 8: Dragon’s Den

Originally posted on Note to Future Self:
The day had come! The Dragon’s Den. Wooo… what a day. Everyone is in their groups doing last preparations, including YOBBAFIC. One thing I have been taking seriously along this journey is preparation. We had had multiple team meetings to construct our power point presentation and practice. Every…

Innovative Materials

What a fantastic and useful class this tuned out to be. We were fortunate enough to have a guest speaker teach us today; James Churchill, a specialist in his field  and PHD student in innovative materials. Initially we did not hold out much hope for this session, but how wrong we were, James came with […]

Trade Fair & toilets

Last Thursday The university held the trade fair in the Lobby and what a great day it was, not only was this a trade fair but a competition too with 4 small cash prizes up for grabs There were around 10 stalls at the fair, all of which had clearly put in a lot of […]

Are we trade fair ready yet?

So tomorrow is the big in house university trade fair, where we get to show case our product Flushies. A lot has happened over the last few weeks and a lot of work has gone into the product concept and design. we are still having trouble finding a suitable supplier to manufacture our product but […]

Yobbafic, ready, set go

So its been a while since I have had the chance to post, life, work, uni and assignments always seem to find a way of creeping up on you ad we have been so busy putting together our ideas and product time and blogging waits for no man or woman. over the last few weeks […]