Starting a Start up

Young Entrepreneur – So we have got a team together, which despite my panicked reservations was as easy as pie. there are 4 of us from IME: Jessica, Kenneth, Osman and I and not forgetting our fifth team member our Lovely MACE student Dennis. Yesterday we had our first formal meeting to throw around ideas […]

Start up weekend

  So Freshers week culminated in a start-up weekend, what a great ice breaker and a fantastic way to start to get to know students in both IME & MACE. The task was a simple one, design something that would help enrich the university and enable new students and old to make new friends and […]

Note to future Self; Well we are on week 3 already and hasn’t time flown. there is so much to take in and so little time to do it!! So we have been asked to form small teams and create a business from scratch, which in theory is no problem, in practice I have been […]